M1 Mix It Up, Shake It Up – Kick of Meeting

The kick off meeting for ‘Mix It Up, Shake It Up’ dramatically took off in Capital of Wales and historic city of Cardiff. All the partners organisations attended with delegates from Germany, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Greece, Belgium and of course Wales. With the interns in tow and a range of ecclectic chairs and tables the meeting finally kicked off!

The team was staying in the lovely YHA hostel in Cardiff central where they provide nice beds a filling breakfast and teach you some Welsh!

During their time the team got to visit a local provision called Cathays Youth and Community Centre, sample an number of local delights and of course visit traditional Welsh pubs! However there was also work involved!

Decisions were made on how to make the survey required to get the project rolling. Such decisions included what languages were to be used, where the surveys would be published and accessible, how we would engage in contacting other organisations and of course what exactly the survey asks.

The survey looking dapper in Welsh.

Following this the team championed on to what happens after the survey and do you know what happens after? Focus groups, that’s what happens after. Now, they may sound boring, but they are an essential and required part of the project. Without these we can’t develop the fllowing parts of the project; the training course in the newly named Republic of North Macedonia and the online education modules.

Once the team had worked all this out, we set provision dates for all the following activites, reporting timelines and of course everyones favourite item; the budget. Finally we set a date for the next meeting following our focus groups and analysis of the survey data. This will be happening in Germany in April.

To be continued…

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