Mix it Up, Shake it Up: Monitoring Meeting in Erfurt

From 2nd to 5th of April, CGE Erfurt e.V. has hosted a monitoring meeting of the “Mix it up, Shake it up!” – KA2 Strategic Partnership supporting Innovation. The representatives of the consortium came to Erfurt, Germany to discuss the ongoing process of collecting survey results and the further development of the intellectual outputs.

As the aim of the “Mix it up, Shake it up!” project is to develop guidelines and capacities for quality follow-up of different youth mobilities, it was important to access the existing practices of the partner organisations and their networks as the first phase of the project. To proceed with that, the survey was designed and implemented by the partner consortium. The answers to this survey were exactly the prime matter on the agenda at the monitoring meeting – M2.

To continue with the transfer of learning from international to local and national environment – the second component of the strategic partnership – the participants of the meeting outlined the structure of the next publication – “The Guidebook on Follow-up after International Activities and Knowledge Transfer from International to Local Level”. Besides that, the responsibilities in writing the chapters were divided; the deadlines for content development were set.

In the last day the participants had the chance to look closely at the upcoming seminar “Follow-Up of international youth mobilities on local level – increasing the engagement and impact” in Macedonia and define the plan for preparing this activity.

All in all, the meeting produced fruitful results, ensuring the further cooperation and clear communication between the partners.

The hosting organisation – CGE Erfurt e.V. would like to say special thank you to RENN.mitte (renn-netzwerk.de/mitte) & Zukunftsfähiges Thüringen e.V. for providing the working space in the KoWo “Haus der Vereine” and to all project partners for the productive work. The consortium looks forward to the next meeting in June 2019!

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